Oil Filter

Many items requiring lubrication by petroleum products need the lubricant to be especially clean. The Oil Filter is a device used for this purpose, particularly in automotive and other applications for internal combustion engines.

Generally, oil filter is being designed under 2 main categories, namely spin-on and paper element types. Irrespective the design, they are providing the same function of the filtration. To install the correct and high quality oil filter will protect and reduce the wear and tear of your engines and thus increases output efficiency and generates longer life span.

Our spin-on filters are catered with full flow, by-pass as well as dual flow design. And a full proof by-pass valve with different pressure is being incorporated in all our spin-on filters to cater for light and heavy-duty applications. Our spin-on filters’ thread comes with metric, inches as well as BSP for wide coverage.

Our element range consists of various types of materials and designs to cater for wide applications. Made to OEM / QES standard and comes with housing o-ring set, precision quality and high efficiency media to ensure the high performance filtration.

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